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OutsideInnovation was founded by an aerospace engineer. We have thousands of hours of experience in  propulsion engineering and the commercial satellite industry. 


Expedition Blue Hole Belize 2018

OutsideInnovation provided deep-sea submersible piloting and engineering services to this multimillion-dollar expedition to the bottom of the Great Blue Hole in Belize.

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Levo Oil Infusion Fractional CTO Services

OutsideInnovation provides fractional CTO services to small companies like LEVO Oil Infusion Inc providing  technical, manufacturing, and general strategic management services.

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In-ear Monitor Development and Manufacturing Design

OutsideInnovation was the lead engineering team involved in developing a high definition in-ear monitor. We provided both design, testing, and management services.

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Prototype Autopilot System for Idabel MUV

OutsideInnovation designed and installed an autopilot system for the Roatan Institute of Deepsea Exploration on their flagship submersible MUV, Idabel.

Releasable SB Binding 2.PNG

Auto-Release Snowboard Binding Design

We designed a hydraulic actuator with an integrated hydraulic timer to sense when the rider was upside down and release the equipment at the appropriate time.

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WHOI Alvin and Jason Deep Sea Engineering

Since 2019, OutsideInnovation has provided deep-sea MUV and ROV engineering and operations services to these world class programs run by WHOI and the NDSF.

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Miniature RF Ion Thruster at Penn State University

OutsideInnovation developed the smallest functional RF ion thruster (1 cm in diameter) in the world and had a paper published at the 2005 IEPC and 2009 IEPC.


Roatan Institute of Deepsea Exploration

OutsideInnovation worked with R.I.D.E. from 2010-2018 and since then has completed thousands of hours of work on numerous deep submergence vehicle projects.

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Aktiv Pharma Autoinjector R&D Services

OutsideInnovation provided R&D services for the ARAI Autoinjector program at Aktiv pharma. Tasks included mechanical design and feasibility studies.

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OrthoFi Machine Learning Evaluation of Insurance Data

OrthoFi Inc. sought to improve efficiency in their insurance eligibility check process. OutsideInnovation analyzed and proposed data-driven solutions to the problem.

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Boa Technology Product Development

Boa Technology sought to create a silent, reliable version of its flagship reel-based closure system that preserved its traditional form factor and brand.


Deep Sea Fish Collection System

OutsideInnovation designed a system for catching new species of fish using a deep-sea submersible at depths of 700 m allowing for advancements in fish taxonomy projects.

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Airion Dynamics Drone Design and Plasma Actuator

OutsideInnovation is one of the original members of the Airion Dynamics team and plays a key R&D role in plasma physics, mechanical design, and analysis.

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Novel Submersible Viewport Research and Publication

A 5-year study to investigate the use for a honeycomb structure in deep-sea submersible window seats as a means to maintain stiffness and decrease window weight.

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Piezo Strain Sensor for In-situ Testing Downhill Skiers

We developed a data acquisition system with the aim of determining the maximum strain and loading rate in the cable-based closure system for an alpine ski boot.

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