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Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI) is responsible for maintaining and operating the National Deep Submergence Facility assets Alvin (MUV), Jason (ROV), and SENTRY (AUV) on behalf of the Office of Naval Research (ONR). OutsideInnovation serves as an independent contractor for the Electrical and Mechanical Engineering teams in the Alvin group aboard the R/V Atlantis.

While onboard, OutsideInnovation’s responsibilities typically include the following: submersible launch/recovery operations, submersible maintenance/repairs, preparation of subsea elevators, design/maintenance of custom subsea hardware and support for scientific team members as needed. Like any job at sea it is necessary to be flexible and versatile to ensure mission success and we do our best to deliver both on every job.



OutsideInnovation has direct experience in developing and qualifying both experimental and flight-proven propulsion hardware.
Plasma simulation, propulsion hardware design, experimental setup, analysis, and documentation are all skills we have practiced for many years. Additionally, we have designed, built, and maintained simulated space environment systems at a laboratory and commercial level. We understand the huge amount of time and resources that can go into qualifying a new spacecraft component and work with your team to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible. Our broad experience and knowledge of industry expectations should allow us to seamlessly integrate into your team and quickly make a positive impact.


ViaSat 1.JPG

One of the featured projects OutsideInnovation worked on while at SS/L was the NASA Lunar Atmospheric Dust and Environments Explorer (LADEE). We worked with the head engineers from the SS/L and NASA teams to successfully deliver the propulsion package for the spacecraft to the integration facility at NASA Ames.
OutsideInnovation was responsible for the design of custom installation hardware as well as numerous aspects of the testing and integration of the flight hardware.

This experience provides OutsideInnovation with a meaningful understanding of the commercial spacecraft industry and spacecraft design from the smallest to largest scales.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute

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