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R.I.D.E. is an organization founded by Karl Stanley in 2003 with a mission to increase access to the deep sea for the public and researchers by offering affordable trips to depths up to 2500 ft. OutsideInnovation partnered with R.I.D.E. starting in 2011 and since then has completed 3500+ hours of work on numerous deep submergence vehicle projects including: new submersible design, design and construction of replacement parts, autopilot and control systems, routine maintenance, custom experiments for scientists, and independent engineering research including a 4 year study published at the MTS Underwater Intervention Conference in 2017.  OutsideInnovation and R.I.D.E. share a true passion for exploration and work together continuously to expand the capabilities of the deep sea exploration industry with a focus on producing high quality submersible systems at a fraction of the standard cost.  OutsideInnovation was named the Head of Engineering Operations at R.I.D.E. in 2016.



Idabel Cockpit FEA.PNG

OutsideInnovation and R.I.D.E. have collaborated on numerous design and analysis projects. These projects include analysis and evaluation of current Idabel systems as well as new designs for future submersibles and hardware. Complete hull designs, extensive new window studies, power, avionics, and control system designs have all been thoroughly explored. The image above is from an FEA study to validate the maximum safe diving depth for the Idabel Submersible.


Diving With Sub.PNG

At OutsideInnovation we take a full service approach to our work and the job is not done until your system is built and in service. In the photo above, Thomas Trudel (Lead R&D Eng. and Founder), is seen diving with the Idabel submersible to ensure a newly installed lighting system is functioning correctly. We bring a broad skill set, strong work ethic, and meticulous attention to quality to every project we complete.  Our experience with safety and mission critical systems has hardwired us with an attention to detail rarely surpassed by competitors.


Forbes Sub Pic.JPG

We have designed numerous replacement and upgrade parts for Idabel. The image above shows the front face of Idabel where the entire lower window assembly was updated and manufactured to replace the original aging assembly. Working together, OutsideInnovation and R.I.D.E. improved the design and upgraded to corrosion resistant materials like 6Al-4V Ti and 316 stainless steel. The acrylic window was designed to conform with the ASME-PVHO-1 standard.  Additional replacement parts include retaining rings, windows, pneumatic hardware, syntactic foam sections, lighting, and other electronics.

Roatan Institute of Deepsea Exploration (R.I.D.E.)


Founder and pilot at the R.I.D.E.

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