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Energy systems engineering is a broad field. We have years of experience in energy efficiency, energy management systems and renewable energy technologies.

As for energy efficiency, we offer assistance to our clients to lower their overall utility usage and operational cost by optimizing the performance of their existing systems. We can conduct in-depth engineering analysis of the system’s performance to develop a load profile and identify the opportunities for energy savings. From there, strategies are developed to correct inefficiencies within the existing system. We also perform utility contract analysis to ensure the rates applied are suited to the actual system’s load profile.

Based on our experience, we learned that improving the efficiency of the existing equipment has the greatest return on investment with the lowest capital cost. This is why we have helped many clients to develop their own low-cost energy management systems to monitor and control their systems aiming to increase energy efficiency and allowing savings in all types of facilities.

We have extensive knowledge of renewable energies, with substantial experience in solar heating, photovoltaics, wind power and geothermal energy. We can provide preliminary designs useful for prefeasibility studies and assist with implementation. We also offer consulting services in energy storage (mainly batteries) and in studies related to energy markets.

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